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Optimization Services

Optimization Services

Services provided:

1. Custom Logo Creation and Branding Services: At the heart of the project, I embarked on the creative journey of custom logo creation. Beyond the logo, I offered comprehensive branding services, which encompassed establishing a cohesive visual and conceptual identity for the client. This included defining brand colors, typography, and messaging, ensuring a consistent and impactful brand presence across various touchpoints.

2. Audit Document Layout and Style Guide: Complementing the branding efforts, I also undertook the task of enhancing the layout and design of audit documents. This involved a critical examination of the document's structure and presentation. I then created a style guide that prescribed a harmonious and professional design language. This outlined the guidelines for typography, spacing, imagery, and other design elements, ensuring that all audit documents maintained a consistent and polished appearance.


"Amanda would [be] a go-to when it came to graphic design for both internal documents, and merchant-facing. Her eye for design helped us to distinguish our team's brand within Shopify while always upholding Shopify's brand guidelines.
Amanda not only helped us define our brand through her eye for design, but she also went on to become our most experienced UX auditor, a UX auditor that would complete audits for the biggest merchants on the platform with ease."
- Brendan F.
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