Mixed Like Me Colouring Book

Mixed Like Me

A Colouring Book utilizing AI and traditional design methods, displaying each page as a celebration of unity.

"Mixed Like Me" is not just a colouring book; it's a visual symphony that fosters a sense of pride, understanding, and appreciation for the richness found in the intersection of cultures.

Available for purchase in February 2024

  • "It's an easy thing to recommend Amanda professionally and even easier to comment on her quality as a person. Amanda is both brilliant in her execution of tasks and humble in her accomplishment - a rare thing indeed.

    I can say confidently that her help on many team critical goals was not only welcome but essential to their success. It was a privilege working with her. Any team would be luckier with her in it."

    - Scott S. 
  • "I highly recommend Amanda for your next branded photoshoot. She's very thoughtful with her approach and takes the time to work with you so you are comfortable and get all of the shots you want.

    I've worked with a lot of photographers, but have never been happy with the results until my shoot with Amanda."

    - Faith C. 
  • "Amanda would [be] a go-to when it came to graphic design for both internal documents, and merchant-facing. Her eye for design helped us to distinguish our team's brand within Shopify while always upholding Shopify's brand guidelines.

    Amanda not only helped us define our brand through her eye for design, but she also went on to become our most experienced UX auditor, a UX auditor that would complete audits for the biggest merchants on the platform with ease."

    - Brendan F. 
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