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Happy Tales Animal Sanctuary

Happy Tales Animal Sanctuary

Services provided:

1. Custom Logo Creation: At the heart of the project, I initiated the development of a unique custom logo. This emblem served as the cornerstone of the client's brand identity, symbolizing their core values and mission.

2. Yearly Calendar Creation: I undertook the design and production of an annual calendar. This calendar was meticulously crafted to ensure a functional and visually appealing tool for the client's audience, reflecting their brand's style and message.

3. Custom Ads for Sponsors: As part of the project, I created tailor-made advertisements for the charity sponsors. These ads were thoughtfully designed to draw attention, effectively conveying the sponsors' messaging and aligning it with their event or organization.

4. Yearly Poster Creation: In addition to the calendar, I designed a yearly poster that encapsulated the client's message and event details. This poster not only served as a promotional tool but also as a visually captivating representation of the client's brand.

5. Custom Graphics: Throughout the project, I provided a wide range of custom graphics to enhance various materials and communications. These graphics were meticulously crafted to maintain brand consistency and convey information in a visually engaging manner.

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