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Darcy Voutt

Darcy Voutt

Services provided:

1. Custom Logo Design: As a foundational element of the project, I crafted a distinctive custom logo that encapsulated the client's brand identity. This logo was meticulously designed to convey the core values and mission of the client's business, serving as a visual representation of their unique vision.

2. Business Card Design: To maintain a consistent and memorable brand identity, I extended the logo's visual aesthetics to create striking business cards. These cards not only conveyed contact information but also radiated professionalism and commitment, making a strong impression on those who received them.

3. Stationery Design: For a cohesive brand presence, I carefully designed stationery items such as letterheads, envelopes, and other business collateral. Each of these elements was meticulously created to align with the visual theme and elegance of the logo and business cards, ensuring a unified brand identity across all communications.

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