Why Do I want to be a Guru?

Why Do I want to be a Guru?

There are tons of reasons why someone would want to be a Shopify Guru...
Why do I?


Well, for one, Guru is a pretty sweet Title. Sure, 'Manager' has a certain ring to it. 'Project Coordinator' or 'Customer Liaison' also have their status, but there's nothing quite like the ring of adding 'Guru' to the end of your name.

Next, there comes the awesome perks. Like team building and providing clients with the ability to run their awesome businesses. There isn't anything that beats the reward of knowing that because of your help, a person can go out there and kick @$$ in the consumer world.

And finally, I love Shopify, pure and simple. An Employer that promotes individuality and forward thinking, is at the top of my list for 'Must Work Here' Companies. I want to help the team that helps others to reach their goals.


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